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Flavius T. | Fotos
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www.14u2.de - Downloadportal
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www.14u2.de - Downloadportal
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Flavius T. | Biografie
It's my live, my love
It's my world

Just join me

This album is dedicated to the memory of my father and best friend Av. Flavius Teodosiu. You encouraged me to go my way. He always said "never give up on something you really want in your life". I am sure he is listening all the time.

Thanks to:

Thanks to my mentor and teacher Marin Petrache Pekya. Your way of teaching was the best!

All my family for love, support and trust: Linda (your voice is such a gift), Andreea, Flavia, Virgil, Flavius Jr., Belinda and Oma.

I would like to thank my very dear friend Martin Ernst (Martinelli). He was the one who always trusted in me and finally made my dreams come true. Without his help and support I would have never made this album and maybe my life would have been different today. Thank you Martinelli.
Many thanks to my friends Michael Smit, Janosch JJ John. Rüdiger Baldaf and Andrei Orsel for your help, creativity and inspiration.
Special thanks to Doreen for her being so good and these warm feelings.

My band Eurosound: Achim, Nadi, Marin, Martin, Noel, Frank S, Siegmar, Ramona, Worthy, Frank R.
It's no work working with you.

In memory of Dan Mandrila, one of the best saxophone players in Romania.


Soprano-, Alto-, Tenor- and Bartione- Sax: Flavius T.
Piano, Programming, Recording, Mix: Janosch JJ John
Piano, Hammond organ, Programming, Recording, Mix: Martin Ernst
Piano: Jürgen Grimm
Guitars: Markus Wienstroer & André Orsel
Trumpets, Fluegelhorn: Rüdiger Baldauf
Vocals: Linda T.

Art & Design:

Painting: Sascha
Fotos: Martin Ernst, Simona Solomon
Cover design: Michael Smit www.diemacher-online.de


Recorded & mixed at DogHouseStudios, Erftstadt

ari records LC 09099
see special digital downloads at www.14U2.de

* Tone de Cologne Musikverlag Martin Ernst

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Flavius T. | Kontakt
Flavius Teodosiu
Rosenhügel 114
51143 Köln
Telefon: 02203-87992
Telefax ax: 02203-87439

E-Mail: flavius@netcologne.de
Web: www.flavius-eurosound.de
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The SaxMan
CD , VÖ: 2006
CD1: 76:41 [min:sec]

www.14u2.de - Downloadportal
www.14u2.de - Downloadportal www.14u2.de - Downloadportal 9,99 € www.14u2.de - Downloadportal www.14u2.de - Downloadportal
www.14u2.de - Downloadportal
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